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The Parent Practice has worked with parents and carers since 2004 and has become one of the leading voices in parenting advice in the UK.  Founded by Melissa Hood in London, The Parent Practice programs are now offered in the UK, New York and in other locations around the world.

Ann Magalhaes has been teaching in Westchester & Fairfield Counties and NYC since 2014.  Ann trained in The Parent Practice parenting and facilitation skills in 2008 and was part of the UK-based facilitation team before moving to the US in 2014. She works with parents and carers, schools and nurseries, corporate and business clients.

All those who work at The Parent Practice is a parent and and has encountered the everyday challenges that all parents face. Our own family lives have been enriched and transformed with the parenting skills we teach, so our aim is to pass on our skills to help parents bring up children to be happy and the best they can be.

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Facilitator |  The Parent Practice NY

Ann has been involved with The Parent Practice since 2008, starting off as a client when her daughter was 5. She joined a group after hearing rave reviews about the program from friends, and very quickly saw the positive impact that the new skills were having within her family.  She saw the link between transforming family life and the work she had done in organizational transformation and wanted to learn more.  She trained to become part of the Facilitation Team and has been teaching the Positive Parenting course and workshops since 2009.  


"What I loved - and still love - about the course is how it empowers parents with practical skills to parent in a more effective, empathetic and connected way. Now that I have a teenager, I am well-aware that the skills learned back in 2008 continue to help me positively manage the challenges that each stage of parenting brings my way."


Born in England, and raised in Canada, Ann now lives in Westchester, NY.  She studied Japanese Language and Literature and Spanish Studies at the University of Toronto.  Her work life began as an English teacher in Japan, followed by 6 years working for Mitsubishi Corporation in Toronto.  She earned her MBA from Canada’s Richard Ivey School of Business, which led to a move to London.   In July 2013, her family moved to New York where she has been teaching courses and workshops in Westchester & Fairfield Counties as well as in NYC.  

Ann loves learning languages and as she speaks Spanish, she has been able to translate The Parent Pratice work into Spanish and teaches positive parenting skills to moms in the Hispanic community at 5 Steps to Five in Port Chester, NY and at Neighbors Link in Mt. Kisco, NY.  She is on the Board of 5 Steps to Five, and served as co-chair of Heard in Rye, currently serving on their committee.


Skills and Support that make a Positive Difference

The Parent Practice work will help you to understand your child’s temperament, define your own family values and give you tools to raise your children according to what matters to you. The skills and strategies taught in our courses can be applied to suit any family, giving moms, dads and carers a united front from which to work, making life as a parent or carer both easier and more fulfilling.

Parenting skills courses are offered as a morning or evening class during school term time (with a break for school holidays) and are held at Wainwright House in Rye, NY.   If you prefer something more personal, you can gather a group of friends and host a course in your home.

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The NEW 6-session Core Skills Course Starting October 28th on ZOOM.



Private sessions are a great way for parents to talk to a facilitator in a one-to-one environment rather than, or in addition to, joining a course with other parents.  Some parents come to a private session alone, and many come with their partner.  This is a great option if one parent is taking the course without their partner.  Private sessions are often requested by parents looking for extra support with specific areas of challenge.  To find out more about private sessions click here.

Coffee with Friends


Learning pods aren't just for kids!  Get together with a group of your friends or colleagues for six 75-minute sessions where you'll learn strategies to make home life calmer by learning new habits for communicating, connecting and supporting your children as they grow.  My aim is that you create your own community of like-minded parents who support and empower each other, and that you have practical strategies to solve your parenting challenges.  Each week you'll have the opportunity to shed light on your parenting challenges and learn approaches to make family life easier and more fulfilling.


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Clapping Audience


All parents want to bring their best selves to their parenting and professional lives, yet the challenges and stress many families experience in trying to balance work and family issues can impact job satisfaction and performance. At work, parents have many balls in the air, and often spend a significant amount of work time and energy worrying about, and dealing with, family issues. At home, they want the time they spend with their children to be calm, connected and enjoyable. Happier parents results in more productive employees.

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Bringing schools and parents together improves academic and social success for children, which is why we developed our successful workshops that are endorsed by numerous schools and nurseries in the UK.  Our workshops cover a variety of topics of interest to all parents and take place within the familiar environment of the school community. 

With the skills and strategies learned during the workshops, parents can help children grow in confidence and resilience.  We show parents how to get children to cooperate more, to communicate more, to try new things and to persevere – as well as how to do well academically and socially.  Parents learn how to support children in academic, artistic and sporting endeavors - without placing undue pressure on the children.  

Workshops are 90 minutes with a group size between 20 and 100.  Please get in touch for a comprehensive list of topics.After the workshops finish, parents often get in touch with us and we enjoy hearing about different successes in school, new friendships and improvements to family life. 

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The way we speak to our children
becomes their inner voice.

                                         - Peggy O'Mara

Happy Kids Huddle

“Ann is a passionate, wise and inspired teacher. Taking her class helped me to become a better mother and a better person! The greatest testament to how effective and important the class was for my family, came from my 10 year old daughter who actually thanked Ann for helping me achieve a very noticeable and appreciated level of calm and control while dealing with her and my son. I find myself constantly referring to lessons learned in her class as I continue to meet the ever changing challenges of parenting. Ann’s class is a life-changer.”

Sonali, Mom of 2




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